A categorized directory of libraries and tools for Flutter.

Awesome login

An awesome login screen with some animation stuff.

Flutter BeforeAfter Widget

A flutter package which makes it easier to display the difference between two images.

Flutter Bitmap: Image editing with a help from the FFI

A minimalist Flutter package to perform fast bitmaps operations. The focus here is to provide a cool bitmap manipulation interface.


A Flutter package to automatically generate a class containing references to all assets in your project.


HTTP wrapper for Dart with integrated logger design to be used for REST APIs.


A Flutter package to easily support internationalization and localization in your project.


A Flutter package to automatically update your pubspec dependencies in your project.

Explode View

:boom:A beautiful explosion animation for Flutter.


18 templates, Redux, CRUD Sqlite and Firebase, http request, webview, google and firebase auth, global notification strategy, create and preview PDF, create and load csv, pagination, infinite scroll, touch id, map, change theme, custom fonts, download & share files and more.

Flutter reaction button

Flutter button reaction plugin, it is fully customizable widget like facebook reaction button for flutter


FlutterBlue is a bluetooth plugin for Flutter, a new mobile SDK to help developers build modern apps for iOS and Android.

Flutter UIs and animations

A collection of UI challenges